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My name is Scott Bracken.

I have always been involved in something that makes me a “service to others”. About the time I was old enough to drive, I got involve in the fire service and became a volunteer firefighter/EMT. Although I’m not a firefighter anymore, I’m still an active member of Search and Rescue.

I find it exhilarating. Being able to help someone through a life changing situation has always been rewarding. Adding fulfillment or some closure to their life is what I try to accomplish. 


I didn’t see photography as a “service to others” when I first got  interested. I just enjoyed shooting. I started with landscape while out on hikes and backpacking trips. I found some serenity in it, even though I cringe at the photos when I look back at them now.

I got married to an amazing women in 2009 and we are still attempting to raise two boys. So naturally, like every parent today, my landscape photos while backpacking were turned in for photos of my kids. Whether it was kids or mountains, the creative process was captivating and it allowed me to just relax at my computer with a beer, and enjoy the editing process. It was fun sharing my photos with the world.  


I treated my first few portrait and family sessions like I did my landscape and baby photos. Thought about Angles, composition, time of day, background…. blah blah blah. They were just more photos… Then I saw the happiness and fulfillment on their faces when I presented the final images. AND THAT CHANGED ME. 

I couldn’t believe how emotional and fun the experience was when presenting my work to families and newly weds. They were extremely grateful and had an amazing time in the process. It was from that point on that I was hooked.  Thats when I realized I had become a “service to others” without even meaning to.

Adding fulfillment to families or adding value to someones business, is what my mission has become with my photography. Thats why I continue to put in sleepless nights and long hours behind the computer with coffee in hand. So I can continue to be a service to you to make sure that either your problems are solved and your life becomes just that much more fulfilling. 





Why the name Edge9Photo?


A lens produces bokeh (the blurriness in the background) by the lens’ aperture. This is the number you will see similar to f/2.8 on a lens when looking at its specs. Lower end camera lens’ generally have either 5 or 6 aperture blades. But on a higher end, modern day lens, it will typically have 9 or more blades. The edges of these blades are what create the smooth, silky bokeh in the images. 

It is a constant argument amongst the photog world that 9 is the sweet spot. 6 blades is too low end and 12 is overkill. So Edge9 comes from the edge of the 9th blade being the final piece that brings the whole image together. Without it, it would be lower end and not create the level of professionalism that the 9th edge has to offer.