Leading up to the Shoot

Meeting Up

Most hire me because of the personalized themed shoot that is unique to each individual. Over some coffee, we meet up so you can get an idea how I shoot and how I can personalize the shoot to you. I do this by asking what your interests are and what you had in mind for your session. This typically take between 30 to 60 mins depending on the complexity of the shoot.





I will go above and beyond for the type of location that you are looking for. I drive and scout out the areas before hand make sure that it is up the standards needed to make your experience something you won’t forget. Using AR, I am able to look at sun placement that will give us the best time of day to shoot. A lot of locations change in short amount of time, so looking at even previous locations can help plan for unexpected changes. Scouting also allows me to give you the best experience, making sure that everything is in place before the day of the shoot.   





This is probably the most crucial part of the preparation leading up to the shoot.  The choice of clothing will set the pace for mood, fashion and expression. I recommend at least two outfits. I have a portable changing booth so you can change outfits no matter the location.

You want something that stands out to the background. For example, you would not want to wear natural tones like brown and tan during a fall shoot. Yes, it can be done but wearing contrasting colors will help you stand out in the photo. I am always available to help with the selection!

Also, even though good clothing is huge, I can’t emphasize enough how much accessories help! This is what will help complete the photo and gives you the chance to show expression and make the photos pop. 

Some examples of good accessories are bracelets, scarfs, watches, necklaces, earrings, jackets, gloves, balaclavas, hats and hand bands. 





The Shoot

The big day. Depending on the complexity of the shoot we determined, the shoot could last up to a few hours. Don’t worry, I don’t charge by the hour. You don’t need that kind of pressure. I charge for the experience and my work, making sure that we take the time needed to make sure you get the photos that will capture this invaluable time in your life. So if that’s 30 mins or 3 hours, we will make it happen.

Most people don’t get their photos taken often enough to feel comfortable with posing or how to act in front of the lens. Fortunately, that’s where I come in! I will patiently work with you or anyone else in the shoot to ensure that you look great the entire time. So relax and have fun!








This is the best part! All the hard work pays off at this point. You get to see the work that you put in on the shoot and which photos you want to be your forevers.

You can expect a photo turn around in about a week, if not sooner. We will sit and discuss which photos would work best together on your wall or any other method of displaying (*cough* Showing Off *cough*) the photos!

I use a professional print house that not only has the best ink available and color calibrates their equipment, but also guarantees the work to ensure that if there are any misprints or issues, you will be taken care of. There are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to style of prints. From professional prints, all the way to Canvas, Metals, or Acrylic.